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Strategy: Lifetime Plan For Buying & Selling Residential Real Estate

Garth Turner is the author of several books on real estate and personal financial planning. He is The Strategy - A Homeowners Guide to Wealth Creation, by Garth TurnerFinancial Editor and on-air newscaster with BBS television, contributing editor with Canadian Business magazine, and a regular contributor to newspapers across Canada. He is a former Minister of National Revenue.

Imagine if there was one strategy you could follow to retire in wealth and comfort. Even if you are middle-aged today, and haven't started to save or invest. Even if you don't think you can ever get the $500,000 or $1 million in assets most Baby Boomers are going to need to finance long, long years after working. And even if most of what you've got is tied up in your house.

There is such a strategy, and today hundreds of thousands of people are employing it, preparing for a future which will shock most Canadians who today have no idea what is going to hit them.

In his gripping new book, Garth Turner outlines The Strategy, offering a step-by-step guide to building wealth in this unique time of cheap money and runaway financial markets. Starting with an asset most Canadians have - residential real estate - Garth Turner shows how average middle-class homeowners can turn that into what everyone ultimately needs - cash flow to finance the rest of your life. And just in time, because the future of residential real estate - at least the kind most people have - is a bleak one.

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