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I have made several Microsoft Excel (TM) spreadsheets available for your use. They are "as is". They are mean't to illustrate in a very general way certain financial topics. They are not mean't to replace the advice given by a qualified financial advisor / planner.

Do You Need an RRSP? This spreadsheet should help you to determine whether or not it makes sense for you to invest in an RRSP. You make assumptions about your current marginal tax rate, your marginal tax rate at the time you withdraw your funds, and your expected growth rate. The spreadsheet will calculate the amount of cash left over after taxes in each year for 25 years should you withdraw your funds in that year.
Investment Growth Just a simple growth calculator for lump sums and periodic investments.
Leveraging Scenarios This is a serious spreadsheet. You enter your assumptions as to your growth rate, your marginal tax rate, the cost to borrow and the amount to invest. To see your results, click on the tabs for the 10, 15, 20, 25 and interest only options. Be sure to read the disclosure document. The earnings are presumed to be based upon investments which earn capital gains and not interest and dividends which attract tax prior to being sold.

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