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Mutual Fund Performance and Evaluation

The Fidelity Canadian Asset Allocation Fund compared the the Asset Allocation Fund of another large Canadian mutual fund company.  The name is left out to save them embarrassement.This chart compares the three-year performance of the Fidelity Canadian Asset Allocation Fund with the Asset Allocation Fund of another large firm. The purpose is not to show you what a great fund the Fidelity fund is, nor what a poor performer the other fund is, but rather to demonstrate the kind of information that is available to all, free, on the net. This graph was created at the Globe Fund web site. In my estimation it is the best site on the web for obtaining a quick comparison of mutual fund performance. There are other sites that also compare fund performance. In my day-to-day work, I use them all in order to help my clients come to a decision about which fund or funds are best for them:

Portfolio Analytics - PALTrak
The Fund Library
Carlson On-line Services

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