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2015: After The Boom - How to Prosper Through the Coming Retirement Crisis, by Garth Turner, former Minister of National Revenue, Key Porter Books, Toronto, Ontario, 1995. ISBN 1-55013-697-6. Review taken from back cover:

2015 After the Boom - How to Prosper Through the Coming Retirement Crisis, by Garth Turner
If you are middle-aged and middle-class, this book is for you. If you are a Baby Boomer, born between 1947 and 1967, then you must read it. Something overwhelming is going to happen to you and your country.

By the year 2015, the Canada Pension Plan will be bankrupt and the next generation swamped, as nine million Canadians retire at the same time. Crippled by debt and facing a dwindling tax base and surging social program costs, governments will not be there to support the Boomers.

Face it: You are going to be reliant on your own savings and RRSPs to retire in comfort - and yet most Canadians have saved only a fraction of what they will need. And too many do not yet realize their real estate may well plummet in value due to sheer demographics.

But before this takes place, there will be an historic opportunity to build your wealth and avoid the coming crisis. We are entering an investment boom. Even if you saved nothing, this is your chance.

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